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Buddy's Mount Pleasant Tree Service looks forward to taking care of all your tree care needs all around the local area. 

Summerville, SC, Tree Services Near Me

The hunt for the right Summerville, SC, tree services can feel exhausting before long. How do you find the best contractors at affordable costs for any type of plant species?

Our community sees all four seasons, keeping the health of your trees at risk. Without superior maintenance and upkeep, you can’t prevent sickness, pests, and malnutrition from taking over.

At Buddy’s Mt. Pleasant Tree Service, our experienced contractors keep your trees healthier all year long. No matter what growing conditions they have now, we guarantee lusher plants with fewer ailments.

We thoroughly review every one of your trees for any signs of stress or disease. Contact us for reliable tree care solutions every week and at affordable pricing.


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The Best Summerville, SC, Tree Services

When everyone claims to have the best tree service contractors, who do you hire? Not all companies provide the same solutions as us or offer our low costs.

We take time to ensure your trees receive everything that they need throughout every season. From adjusted watering schedules to adding fertilizers as required, we manage it all.

You can rely on us for lusher trees all year long with experienced maintenance contractors. Contact us now to schedule us for services for your plants, such as:

  • Tree Trimming
  • Seasonal Pruning
  • Stump Removal
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Cutting
  • Storm Cleanups
  • Emergency Tree Removal
  • Free Tree Services Estimates

Even if you don’t find a specific tree service listed, we likely offer service for it. Give your plants the top contractors around for improved weekly care and maintenance.


Tree Trimming Summerville, SC

Did you know that trimming off overgrowth and dead plant materials leads to healthier trees? Trimming allows the primary plant to utilize its resources more efficiently, leading to lusher leaves and limbs.

However, they can only take so much clipping at one time which makes the process delicate. So make sure you give your trees the best team around and contact us today.

Tree Pruning Near Me

Many people use “pruning” and “trimming” interchangeably, but there are specific differences. Unlike a weekly maintenance service, this one is performed seasonally for safer transitions.

Tree pruning becomes especially important before winter to guarantee that they return in the spring. Protect your plants all year long with our local pruning experts.

Summerville Tree Cutting

Tree cutting isn’t as scary as it sounds once you hear what it is. Similar to how we need a haircut now and then, trees have limbs that need removal.

When the canopies, lower levels, or even the center grows too dense, trees begin to choke. Make sure your plants receive enough fresh air with precise cutting solutions.

Tree Removal Summerville, SC

Homeowners can request tree removal for a variety of different cosmetic and practical reasons. Whether it’s sick, has power lines overhead, or looks out of place, we can cut them down.

Tree removal gets trickier depending on how many neighbors you have and their distance. Keep everyone around your property safe and contact our professional contractors today.

Summerville Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is often the preferred choice of removal by both technicians and homeowners. By using metal teeth to grind the stump down, we can eliminate them all safely.

Some rental companies have them in stock, but ours is guaranteed to outperform them. Make short work of even the densest tree stumps with our reliable technicians.

Stump Removal Near Me

Sometimes, a tree stump simply isn’t a good candidate for grinding service. Whether it’s the size, location, or diameter, we may need to remove it whole.

Luckily, you don’t have to tear off your truck’s bumper trying to do so. We use professional excavation and hoisting equipment for minimal damage to your property.

Storm Cleanups Summerville, SC

Once a storm dies down, it’s time to clean whatever is left behind. However, that could be too much for whatever tools you have on hand.

When storms leave behind toppled trees and tons of discarded limbs, call us for cleanups. Buddy’s Mt. Pleasant Tree Service gets your yards spotless and safe in no time.

24-Hour Emergency Tree Removal

Sometimes, the bump you hear in the night is a tree falling over. When it crashes down, it can easily take your roof, walls, and windows along with it.

Whether it’s in danger of uprooting or has already fallen, call us whenever you need most. We’ll arrive quickly to secure the area and prevent further harm 24-hours a day.

The Best Summerville, SC, Tree Services Near Me

The best way to keep trees at their best is with service contractors close by. You can see us keeping plants lusher every day throughout the Summerville, SC, community.

You can count on us for your home, shopping centers, small businesses, and anywhere else. Wherever you find trees that need our help, we’ll be there every time.

You will find our tree care contractors the fast, affordable, and convenient option every week. Contact us now to schedule our team for reliable maintenance near:
  • Wood Oak Park
  • Rosehill
  • Oakdale Estates
  • Woodland Estates
  • James Allen Park
  • Wassamassaw Community Park
  • Azalea Park
  • Birthplace of Sweet Tea Mural
  • Oakbrook Nature Trail
  • North Main Market
  • Summerville Dorchester Museum
  • Laurel Street Park

Wherever you have overgrown trees, pale leaves, and crumbling bark, call our local contractors. We offer the best tree care solutions in Summerville for any plant species.


Why Hire Tree Service Contractors?

A tree’s health is only as good as what its caretaker provides. Meaning, if you are hands-off with your tree’s maintenance, it likely isn’t growing well.

While its leaves might still be green, you don’t see all of the hazards trees face. Pests, fungal growths, and even unexpected temperature changes all leave their marks.

When these problems aren’t caught quickly enough, the only option is removal. Instead, we offer everything we can to keep your trees healthier throughout every season.

Our team knows how to prepare your plants for any growing hazards they may face. Give your trees the trusted team of local service contractors and hire us now.

Why Choose Us for Your Tree Service Contractors?

When it comes to tending to trees, there is no substitution for experience. Even though we use the latest in tree equipment, our knowledge and training are invaluable.

Our team always knows what limbs to trim and which ones to ignore. Since we only offer professional maintenance for your trees, they receive safe and practical upkeep.

Whether your trees need pruning, fertilizers, or even removals, we offer it all. You can rely on us for plants at any stage of maturity.

From maintenance to seasonal solutions, new installations, and removals, choose us every time. We guarantee the best tree care results every week, and at low costs.

Why Do I Need My Trees Removed?

People have celebrated trees and all that they offer for generations. Why would you need to remove them from your property?
Trees are living things and they too will die eventually, potentially toppling over. When they reach dozens of feet tall, they can weigh hundreds of pounds.

If trees aren’t in good health, they can soon become a wrecking ball. Once they fall over, there’s no stopping them from stomping on your roof.

While there are cosmetic reasons as well, most trees are removed for safety reasons. Secure your property today with our reliable tree care contractors and affordable removal services.

Do You Know How Summerville, SC, Got its Name?

Because of its lovely weather, Summerville has long provided a hot season retreat. Even before air conditioning was invented, people returned year after year to Summerville from Charleston and beyond.

The area wasn’t as muggy, hot, or buggy as those regions further south. Once the railway finished construction, the community became incorporated as a town.

A Civil War, an earthquake, and a fire later, and the city nearly didn’t survive. Fortunately, the medical community at the time saw it as an ideal place to vacation.

Tourism brought the town back, albeit as a small bedroom community. Today you can find plenty of new friends, neighbors, and trees throughout the area.

Why are Trees Difficult to Keep Alive?

Some homeowners believe they have the cursed Brown Thumb when discussing gardening. However, most people aren’t as gentle with their trees as they should be.

Trees aren’t naturally suited for life in the city or within residential neighborhoods. It’s harder for them to receive enough air, sun, and water near roads.

Even in your yard, they have growing hazards above and below them with utility lines. Roots can become entangled or even puncture sewer lines, making them a nuisance.

Trees can grow for decades in the wild but usually aren’t so lucky without help. Make sure your favorite plants receive the care that they deserve today.

The Best Summerville, SC, Tree Services

Like any plant, your trees require a lot of help to stay healthy. Watering, nutrition, and maintenance will prevent common diseases and concerns from forming.

We know not everyone knows how to care for their plants, so that is why we offer the services we do at affordable prices.
You don’t have to leave your trees to chance. Hire Buddy’s Mt. Pleasant Tree Service today.

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