The Most Experienced Tree Service Mt Pleasant SC Has to Offer 

Buddy's Mount Pleasant Tree Service is your best local team of tree service Mt Pleasant SC. We offer the best in affordable tree care services. From tree removal to emergency tree services, Buddy's is the place to call.

Tree Service Mt Pleasant SC

When living in the community, your plants deserve dedicated arborists for your tree service needs. In Mount Pleasant, SC, you won't find a better team than ours.

Buddy's Mount Pleasant Tree Service offers more solutions for less every time. Whatever your property requires to look its best, we offer it all, such as:
  • Tree Service Contractors
  • Tree Removal
  • Emergency Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Cutting
  • Stump Grinding
  • Stump Removal
  • And more tree service solutions
Keep your plants at their best with our expert technicians. Contact us for affordable arborists and save more.
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Tree Service Mount Pleasant

For most homeowners, the only thing their trees get is the occasional raking. As a result, they don't grow nearly as well as they should.
From soil problems to diseases and pests, we see it all. Choose our expert team of arborists for tree services.


They say that tree trimming is the top thing you can offer your plants. Unfortunately, not knowing how to do it correctly quickly harms them.

Instead, you can rely on us for safer, more effective service visits. Hire us to trim your trees the right way.


One of the most direct ways of promoting new growth is professional tree cutting. The fastest way to lose your trees is by hiring inexperienced contractors.

The crown is the most sensitive area of the plant. One wrong snip can leave lasting harm before long.


Sooner or later, your withered tree will come crashing down. The question is, where is it going to land after it uproots?

No amount of planning can prepare for Mother Nature. Whether damaged by storms or old age, we can keep you safe with tree removal.


You thought the worst thing was the sound of lightning hitting the ground. Once you look out your window, however, you see that you were wrong.

When you can't wait until morning, call us for emergency tree removal. We quickly secure your property 24-hours a day.


When you see chains, bumpers, and DIY stump removal, it rarely works well. In the end, your insurance company might not cover your last attempt.

Instead, we only use professional tools and equipment with local expert arborists. Choose the safe and effective stump removal solution.


Sometimes, no amount of grunting, sweating, or swearing helps to finish the job. When they prove to be too stubborn, hire us for stump grinding solutions.

Our professional-grade plant sander leaves nothing behind but their dust. Even your largest tree stumps are no match for our local arborists.
From soil problems to diseases and pests, we see it all. Choose our expert team of arborists for tree services.

The Best Tree Service Mt Pleasant SC Has to Offer 

No one offers a better team of tree service technicians than us. From weekly care and maintenance to emergency removals, choose us for it all.

See why more area homeowners prefer our arborists. Contact us at Buddy's Mount Pleasant Tree Service.


Keith E.

Delivery Driver
"I tried every product the garden center sold, and still didn't see results. Then, I called Buddy's Mount Pleasant Tree Service, and they have never looked better. Once they found that the soil was too hot, they quickly had a treatment. I was amazed it worked so fast."

Tommy J.

"My dad owned a tree care company, so I know how to do it. The problem is, I don't have the time anymore. Work, kids, grocery shopping – when do I fit it in? And, I hate to say it, Buddy's always leaves them better than I would. Thanks, Buddy's!"

Curt C

School Teacher
"Too much water; Buddy's came over, looked at the ground, and knew the problem. I asked three different landscapers, and they shrugged at me. They are definitely the tree whisperers in the area, and I couldn't be happier. And, they didn't scold me too badly over my sprinklers.”
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