Buddy's Mt Pleasant Tree Service

Buddy's Mt Pleasant Tree Service is more than another tree care company. As your trusted local arborist Mount Pleasant residents turn to us time and time again.

Mt Pleasant Tree Service

Locating the best Mt Pleasant tree service for your home is no easy task. Even though you see plenty of tree contractors around, few provide practical solutions.

Instead, your plants and tree's deserve a dedicated Mt Pleasant arborist who offers more services for less. From tree trimming and removal to weekly upkeep options, you deserve an experienced contractor.  
From standard tree maintenance to in-depth specialty solutions, you can count on our team. See why more area homeowners prefer our arborists for every service call daily.
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Mount Pleasant Tree Service

Not all tree trimming services are made equal, and we exceed your expectations. As your local experts in tree service, Mount Pleasant homeowners choose us the most.

Whatever plants you have, or what they need, you can rely on us. We offer better ways to keep your trees lusher for less, such as Tree Service, Tree Removal, Emergency Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Tree Cutting, Stump Removal and Grinding, Free Estimates, and more Mount Pleasant tree services.


Some homeowners fear what their overall tree trimming cost is going to be in the end. Many don't realize that if it's done right, it's much more affordable for longer.

For many properties, the initial tree trimming visit is the worst one. Plant overgrowth, dead leaves and limbs, overhead hazards, and more, leave it at risk. However, after our tree care professionals spruce them up, they often need less grooming. Instead, a seasonal snip proves practical after the first job.

Keep your tree trimming costs lower with our professional local arborists. See what our expert hands can do for all your plants today.


Did you know that you can eliminate individual branches and get different growing effects? Trees that seem to struggle usually need a haircut to help themselves improve.

You can't always depend on just any tree service contractor to handle your job. Since we are trained arborists, we know precisely what limbs to eliminate. Typical tree trimmers can quickly chop off the wrong branches by accident. In the end, your plant suffers, and can even whither from the damage.

Don't risk your healthy trees to the wrong service contractors. Hire our local arborists for your tree cutting solutions.


Because trees are large plants, they often need to be taken away. When you need a dependable tree removal service, choose our local arborists.

Falling trees in a residential area is trickier than it looks. Overhead power lines, neighboring houses, parked cars, and more can quickly be crushed.

You can't yell timber and hope for the best, and we know what to do. It takes experience to eliminate sick or weakened trees in your yards safely. Before you haphazardly take a chainsaw to the task, we guarantee your best results. Choose us for your affordable tree removal service contractors now.


When late-night storms and swarms leave them weakened and diseased, you need emergency tree removal. Mount Pleasant homeowners always turn to us whenever they feel unsafe.

Emergency tree care is something that can't wait another moment. When 2,000 pounds of dead lumber comes crashing down, your home stops it. Before you have thousands of dollars in roofing repairs, call us day or night. We arrive faster to keep your home and family safe from harm.

Since you can't predict where it will fall, call us. Let our expert arborists handle your emergency tree care.


Once you, or our team cut it down, you still have a stump to deal with. Following standard cutting or storm tree removal, we know what to do next.

Our stump removal and grinding services eliminate every unwanted item in your yard. No matter how stubborn, we always have a practical solution ready.

Stump removal is ideal for those that can be pulled out intact. If not, our industrial-grade stump grinder sands it down to nothing.
Don't set fire to your yard again. Instead, choose our experienced stump removal experts for any items you have.


Whether they look like it or not, your trees need lots of care week after week. Whatever it takes to keep them lush and healthier, you can count on us.

We are more than your typical landscaping contractors with the expertise your plants can trust. When your outdoor areas deserve the best, you need us every time.

From maintenance and upkeep to installing new saplings, and more, we do it all. Take your tree service seriously and hire our arborists now.

No one knows trees as our technicians. See the difference we make for all your plants.
Why pay more for fewer upkeep services every time? Instead, choose the local experts for all your trees, and more.

Mount Pleasant Tree Service Near Me

Your yard deserves the best Mount Pleasant tree service contractors. When you hire us, it means getting affordable specialists every time.

We keep more area plants at their best for less. No one knows what trees need like Buddy's Mount Pleasant Tree Service.


Keith E.

Delivery Driver
"I tried every product the garden center sold, and still didn't see results. Then, I called Buddy's Mount Pleasant Tree Service, and they have never looked better. Once they found that the soil was too hot, they quickly had a treatment. I was amazed it worked so fast."

Tommy J.

"My dad owned a tree care company, so I know how to do it. The problem is, I don't have the time anymore. Work, kids, grocery shopping – when do I fit it in? And, I hate to say it, Buddy's always leaves them better than I would. Thanks, Buddy's!"

Curt C

School Teacher
"Too much water; Buddy's came over, looked at the ground, and knew the problem. I asked three different landscapers, and they shrugged at me. They are definitely the tree whisperers in the area, and I couldn't be happier. And, they didn't scold me too badly over my sprinklers.”
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